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Technology has transformed our lives, but there are hidden tradeoffs we make as we take advantage of these new tools. Cookies, as you know, can be a tasty snack -- but they can also be something that takes your data. This podcast is presented by the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Those Pesky Privacy Policies: Lorrie Cranor, Carnegie Mellon University

    Does anyone actually read privacy policies? What's in them, and why can't we usually understand them? On our second season finale, we’ll talk with Professor Lorrie Cranor, director of the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory at Carnegie-Mellon University. The lab brings together more than 100 faculty from across campus to study security ...


  2. When It’s Best to Let A.I. Go Unused: Annette Zimmermann, Harvard University and University of York

    Annette Zimmermann makes the provocative argument that there are times it might be better to take cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools and leave them unused. Annette is a political philosopher working on the ...


  3. How to Fend Off a SIM-card Attack on Your Cell Phone: Kevin Lee, Princeton University

    Kevin Lee recently co-wrote a fascinating study about how easy it is for an attacker to gain control of another person’s cell phone. From there, the attacker can use the phone’s multi-factor authentication tool ...


  4. The Security Flaws of Online Learning: Mihir Kshirsagar, Princeton University

    Are online learning platforms really secure? Mihir Kshirsagar  ...


  5. A few easy tips to up your privacy game: David Sherry, Princeton University

    How can you can improve your privacy in your everyday use of web browsers, email, text messaging and other apps? Our guest is David Sherry, the chief information security officer here at Princeton. He’s responsible for shoring ...